February Prayer Update

On Mission for God

Isaiah 52:7 "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation.”

After teaching the Bible lesson in a GNC one afternoon, a little girl came to me for counseling about how to receive Jesus as her Savior. We talked through scripture and she asked me a question, “But how do you know that you are saved?”

That little girl was searching for answers to her questions about God. If it were your child or grandchild, would you turn them away or ignore them? I dare say that you would make it your priority to identify the answers and make sure that the child understood what the scriptures have to say. If you didn't know the answer, would you not be compelled to find it?

What a privilege it is to bring good news of peace, love and happiness! We have eight schools where we have an open door and children enrolled in clubs, but no churches yet willing to partner with those schools. There are children there with questions, some who are hearing about Jesus for the first time, some who are hurting and searching for love and some who have accepted Jesus and are in need of discipleship. Will you join us in prayer for volunteers for these children and their schools? Will you ask God to stir hearts and send people who will be compelled to be on mission with God, share the Gospel and show love to children? The children need believers who care about them. The children need you!

For His Glory,

Lisa V. Yerrick


·    For the 8,710 children enrolled in 100 schools and 15 community Good News Clubs (GNC) so far this school year and the 1,682 volunteers conducting those clubs.

Prayer Requests

·    The children and families who attended the Good News Spectacular this past weekend.

·    Volunteers—specifically church partnerships for schools.

·    Recruitment of Summer Missionaries for CYIA (Christian Youth in Action) to conduct summer Good News Clubs