CYIA Summer Missionaries


CYIA™ (Christian Youth in Action) is the CEF summer program where high school and college age students (ages 16-22) are trained to conduct a Summer Good News Club. After two weeks of intensive training, these summer missionaries conduct three Summer Good News Clubs a day in Greenville, Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties during July.

These teens impact the lives of thousands of children, many for eternity. Meanwhile, their own spiritual lives are also dramatically changed as they discover how God has gifted them in areas of teaching and evangelism. Many will eventually go on to become educators, pastors and missionaries.

This year we have three summer missionaries: Laura Partin, Levi Tan, and Job Tan. Having completed their training, they have begun teaching in Summer Good News Clubs this week. Please continue lifting these, and the other summer volunteers in prayer as they serve children in the community this summer!