Meet the Summer Missionaries: Job Tan


Job lives in Greenville, SC and is a rising sophomore at Eastside High. This is his first year serving as a summer missionary, and he has had the opportunity to serve alongside his older brother Levi.

Job was three years old when he became a Christian. “Levi was a new Christian and he kept telling me that I needed to be saved and kept witnessing to me. After a while I talked with my parents about how I could be saved and then I prayed and asked Jesus to be my savior.”

Having seen his brother serve as a CYIA Summer Missionary, Job wanted to serve as a Summer Missionary as well. “He started two years before me, and I could tell it was a really great experience for him. He told me all about what they did and how much he enjoyed it. Levi and I are both introverts, and this opportunity helped him to be able to teach, and to tell the Gospel better and more comfortably,” Job said. “One of the ways I really saw that, was when he practiced at home and used his teacher voice.”

Job said he has thoroughly enjoyed his first year as a Summer Missionary. One of his favorite things about serving this summer, has been seeing the change in individual children, from the first day of camp to the last day. “I remember one kid specifically who was especially difficult on the first day. He was older and would fold his arms during the songs and not participate. By the end of the week, he was completely participating and dancing to every song,” Job said. He said the children’s responses have been amazing.

Job enjoys rock climbing, and playing frisbee in his free time. He also enjoys spending time with his family, reading, playing games and watching movies. Some of his favorite movies are Marvel movies and other superhero and action movies.

As the summer comes to a close, Job asked that we pray that he can finish strong. “Pray that I don’t get too comfortable, and not study, because I want to do the best I can in presenting the Gospel. Also as I go out of the summer, pray that my walk with God would continue, and I would grow closer to Him, and that I would be able to spread the Gospel during the school year as well, not just during the summer.”