August Prayer Update


Psalm 46:10—Be still and know that I am God.

As school begins this month, life seems to be a hustle of activity and excitement. Hand -in-hand with that frenzy comes increased obligations, busier schedules, and greater pressures on restraints of time, resources and energy. When I read Psalm 46:10, I wonder how I can possibly be so busy and yet be still? In studying this passage, one commentary suggests that the stillness God commands here is meant for his challengers. Evidenced in the previous verses, he stilled his enemies and wreaked havoc on those who would oppose him. I find that I can make my body be still, but most days it is almost impossible to still my mind. I have so many important things to think about, analyze, address, and problem solve, leaving little to no room in my mind for God. At these times, has my mind become the enemy battlefield against my Lord? Am I even able to receive an answer, a drop of wisdom or discernment from God? When my mind is overwhelmed, I will commit to creating space there for God to fill with his goodness, wisdom and joy. How about you?


  • Schools in Greenville County that have opened doors for new Good News Clubs this academic year
  • Five-day clubs reached 1,088 children during the summer and facilitated 25 salvations
  • New church partnerships to conduct Good News Clubs in schools

Prayer Requests

  • That God would prepare the hearts of children who will hear his word and his plan for their salvation
  • For the many GNC volunteers and church partners who start clubs in September; that God would bring an abundance of volunteers, for enthusiasm and joy, for focus on God’s purposes
  • That God would do immeasurably more than we might ask or imagine at our upcoming Annual Fundraising Banquet in September

To His Glory,

Lisa Yerrick